Workers Compensation/CTP Claims

At EmPower we understand that recovering from an injury sustained at work, or in a motor vehicle accident can be a long and challenging process. Our team of Exercise Physiologists have extensive experience in supporting patients through insurance claims, and, where possible, returning employees to their normal work duties.

We provide one-on-one care during treatment, initially focusing on education, injury management and the development of a goal orientated functional program. As our clients progress through their work-conditioning program, more independence is promoted to ensure greater self-management whilst under our guidance to achieve optimal rehabilitation outcomes.

We also provide extensive reporting to assist all parties to track progress, identify areas of need and best manage the client’s workplace injury.

EmPower Exercise Physiology

At EmPower Exercise Physiology we provide professional comprehensive and wellbeing services.

Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists use evidence-based practice to prevent, manage and treat a range of chronic health conditions and injuries.


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