The Glucose Project - Diabetes Program in ACT

EmPower’s Glucose Project is a practical and educational group program that assists people living with Type 2 Diabetes, or pre-diabetes, by providing skills and behaviours needed to improve blood glucose management, increase fitness and achieve and maintain a healthy body weight.

We understand exercising with Diabetes can be a daunting task, however we are here to help!

When you join our Glucose Project program, one of our Accredited Exercise Physiologists will first undertake an initial assessment with you, ensuring we understand you, your blood glucose levels and exercise history. From this consultation, an individualised exercise program, adhering to the latest evidence based practice is created for you to complete in a supervised group environment over an eight week block.

Each class includes 8 – 12 other participants to ensure camaraderie, fun and enjoyment while performing activities to improve both strength and cardiovascular fitness.

At the completion of the program, a review assessment is undertaken to ensure your goals have been achieved, or ideally smashed out of the park!

The Glucose Project group program currently runs out of our CISAC, Belconnen location.

The Glucose Project is a practical & educational group program designed to empower those with diabetes to better manage their condition and increase fitness.

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