Our team specialises in the prescription of therapeutic exercise to prevent, manage and treat a range of chronic health conditions and injuries.

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Our Services

What Our Clients are Saying….

Kay – 78yrs

“I have been with the team at EmPower Exercise Physiology for about two years now and it has changed my life. I was just recovering from back surgery and I literally couldn’t walk properly. Now with exercise, I can get in and out of the swimming pool which I absolutely love, and I feel as if I’ve got my life back.”

Ann – 71yrs

“18 months ago, I was suffering from severe pain and no matter what I tried it did not get any better. Since going to the hydrotherapy and gym classes at EmPower I’m now off my medication and pain free. If only I was told about Empower sooner. Thank you so much Stuart for all your support.”

Charles – 70yrs

“My doctor referred me to EmPower 8 months ago as I was having trouble with balance and falls. I am attending hydrotherapy and gym group classes plus regular one on one sessions. I am very impressed with the whole team at EmPower, very professional and always there to assist. I am doing an exercise program to work on my fitness as well as my balance. I highly recommend EmPower.”

Fiona – 48yrs

“I commenced weekly sessions with Empower 2 years ago, when my neurological movement disorder was worsening. After discussing my condition and goals, Patrick began tailoring a specific program for my needs. I highly recommend Patrick and the team at Empower to provide anyone with a properly tailored program regardless of age, fitness level and individual goals/challenges.”

Harry – 20yrs

“I tore my ACL playing football nine months ago. I have been seeing Stuart from Empower Exercise Physiology for the last six months. I have been working on strength, stability and sport specific training. I would recommend anyone to see Stuart who’s had a long term injury and he will help you get back on the field.”

Chris – 52yrs

“I have been seeing EmPower for well over 12 months now and I am very happy with how they have helped with the impact of my neurological condition on my mobility, balance and strength. The EmPower team really know their stuff and I highly recommend them!”

Wendy – 76yrs

“I came to EmPower with severe knee problems preventing me from being able to walk properly. I now attend both hydrotherapy and gym classes which provides me with most of my exercise for the week. It is so much more enjoyable than exercising by myself and they have done wonders for me. I cannot recommend highly enough.”

Liz – 51yrs

“I’ve always enjoyed going the gym but after developing back problems I lost my confidence. The team at EmPower have shown me new techniques and exercises to increase my strength, mobility and confidence to get moving again”

Bec – 32yrs

“Patrick has been amazing to work with. He has helped me through multiple injuries and I’m thrilled with my progress. Pat is supportive, thorough, understands my goals and he makes the sessions fun as well. Can’t recommend highly enough!”

Megan – 23yrs

“I came to EmPower a couple of years ago to help with a prolapsed disc in my back, after visiting Stuart for a few months my back improved significantly and today I can say that I no longer have any issues with back pain. I would highly recommend EmPower.”

Brian – 76yrs

“I have been working with EmPower for over 4 years now. I’ve found the staff most accommodating and professional in their approach to the clients’ well-being. Stuart has always been prepared to explore new techniques in helping me achieve a goal and as a 76-year-old, I’ll admit, probably set in my ways. I’m happy to recommend this service to any age client.”

Kosie – 54yrs

“Outdoor running has been a dream of mine for the past 20 years, but due to my joint and back problems I have never succeeded in it. After working with EmPower for less than 2 months, I can now run 8km without any problems. My running dream is now becoming a reality.”

Catherine – 57yrs

“I have been attending Stuart’s exercise classes for the past fours years now and have had a marked improvement in my cardio, strength and weight loss.  Stuart is fantastic at tailoring exercises to the individual and their mobility needs.”

Beth – 55yrs

“Going back to the gym after a number of years was a bit intimidating, Stuart has helped me to build my confidence, learn how to use the machines and do various lifts using proper technique.  He has answered my many questions and given advice regarding previous injuries and exercising including what I can do at home.  He clearly knows his stuff and is very approachable.  Thanks Stuart.”

David – 66yrs

“The group classes at EmPower are an excellent way to get fit, in a congenial atmosphere with others of similar levels of fitness. It allows me to work at my own pace but under close and expert supervision. I’m delighted to be able to recommend Stuart to anyone looking to improve their physical wellbeing.”

EmPower Exercise Physiology

At EmPower Exercise Physiology we provide professional comprehensive and wellbeing services.

Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists use evidence-based practice to prevent, manage and treat a range of chronic health conditions and injuries.